A Sampling of Reviews of the World Premiere under the title: SEX TAPES for SENIORS

Sex Tapes for Seniors: The Musical – August 9, 2010 – Joan Price – Better Than I Ever Expected: Sex and Aging

It’s no joke that we need sex education courses for seniors – we’re inhabiting different bodies, different minds, and trying to make sense of relationships, new and/or ongoing. … So let’s put some humor into the whole situation, which playwright Mario Cossa does with Sex Tapes for Seniors.

The issues we really deal with are addressed here – and we laugh at the memory lapses, the need for new positions that don’t stress our aging bodies … We nod in recognition when Dottie talks to the photo of her deceased husband, a lesbian couple bickers over a daughter not accepting their relationship…

The sex tapes story is a minor part of the plot, a way for the characters to reveal their issues, emotions, and back stories. It works, it’s fun, and it’s about time.

Sex Tapes for Seniors: A Real Crowd-Pleaser – August 12, 2010 – Michael Platania – Bay Times – San Francisco

… now I have a sense of what it’s like to watch, instead of a child, a parent or grandparent in a play. They may not hit every note or land every step, … yet you still can’t help but love the show. That’s the experience I had this week, attending the opening night of Sex Tapes for Seniors. … the variety of rap, ballad, soft shoe and jazz numbers was a delight.

There are lots of reasons to see a show and San Francisco has many options … from an audience reaction and enjoyment point of view, Sex Tapes for Seniors is the first standing ovation I’ve experienced in a long time.

New Musical Celebrates Sex Lives of Seniors – August 12, 2010 – Bonnie Weiss – Footlight Reviews – Musical Theatre Lovers United (mtlu.org)

Yes, Virginia, people over 50 do have sex lives! And this warm, touching musical explores the way that all of us, as we grow older, adjust our romantic and libidinal expressions to our aging bodies. … One of the best things about the libretto is the way Cossa uses a narrator … to give the perspective of the younger generation … a new yoga instructor at the retirement community who befriends the seniors and has her mind expanded about the experience of being old.

What makes “Sex Tapes for Seniors” worth seeing is twofold. First: The role of sex and sensuality in our lives as we age is rarely explored, so kudos to Mario Cossa for taking on this topic. Second: The actors seem truly dedicated to their roles and appear to be enjoying themselves on stage. That enjoyment is picked up by the audience, as they join with the performers in celebrating that juicy life force that, thank goodness, remains in most of us, even as we age.

Galloping Gum Jobs – August 12, 2010 – Richard Dodds – Bay Area Reporter – San Francisco

There’s a big bunch of gumption on stage right now at the Victoria Theatre … Sex Tapes for Seniors, a new musical that brings back the soft shoe, ‘though this time set to lyrics about having sex with arthritis. … There is a frankness and depth to many of the characters and there situations. Getting old is no bed of roses, but as one character sings, “Senior moments are better than no moments at all.”

Surprisingly Sensational ‘Sex Tapes for Seniors” Delights Diverse Audience – August 21, 2010 – Percival Arcibal - Oakland Dramatic & Musical Theatre Examiner – examiner.com

Can a production about senior citizens be appealing to the masses? Certainly films … have definitely filled that bill. But what about on the stage? Playwright Mario Cossa’s SEX TAPES for SENIORS, with the exception of one character, consists mainly of sexagenarians to octogenarians. And the company does quite well with this musical production.


“We really enjoyed Sex tapes for Seniors and that is saying a lot because I generally do not like musicals and seldom go. … I went and really had a delightful time. … We laughed a lot.” The Rev. Robert Warren Cromey - SF, CA

“My friends and I LOVED the play today (Sun 8/15)! It was truly enjoyable, and moving.” C. Dawson – Richmond, CA

“I saw … the premiere of Mario Cossa’s Musical and it, in my humble opinion, is really good – funny, topical, touching on so many issues of aging with all of us, gay and straight.” Dorothy Geiger – Santa Rosa, CA

Responses to the 2006 Staged Reading in Keene, NH

“It is a show with profound messages for our lives and for our culture.

“I expected when I came to Sex Tapes to laugh a lot and at material that would be somewhat over the top in being sexually explicit, raunchy, or pushing the envelop.ST certainly did that. And I laughed a lot. A lot.

“But for me the thing that surprised me was how touched I was by the characters lives, by the humanity of the people, by their vulnerability. I found that I was emotionally moved by the various struggles and joys of the people. There was a deep reality about the things that they said and did, how they came to terms with their aging process, how they worked out their relationships.

“From the opening song about relationships, it was clear that this was a play about life and love and that sex, sensuality, gender identity, were a part of relationships of all sorts. But not necessarily the main part. Your show is about the ways that people share life in relationships of committed love and caring friendships.”

The Rev. Dr. Jay Terbush
Keene, NH

“The story of love in the “golden years” was warm, touching, funny – laugh out loud in some parts – and just plain good theater. … The music, the lyrics, the style and feel of the show shouted Broadway.

Frank Dobisky – West Swanzey, NH