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Rebecca Mills (Gert)

70 years old - grew up in a singing family and loves to act. Her early roles included “Peter Pan,” “Anne Frank,” Cordelia in “King Lear,” Laura in “Glass Menagerie.” Later as a working mother of two daughters and a stepson, she was in few productions. Originally a social worker, Rebecca participated passionately in the civil rights and women’s movements becoming director of a women’s center that pioneered placing women into non-traditional jobs. She moved on to the National Park Service traveling throughout the western Parks and retiring as a Park Superintendent. Since then she has been having fun in acting and playwriting classes and performing occasionally. Rebecca lives in Berkeley across from Tilden Park with her partner Dave and an elderly cattle dog. She is part of a unique extended family including seven grandchildren, and is a “working grandmother” at least twice a week for the younger crowd—7, 5, and not-yet-1; volunteers for Daily Bread picking up delicious unsold goodies and delivering them to a women’s and senior center; and serves on the Board of the Great Basin National Park Foundation of Nevada.