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Phillipe Coquet (Matthew)

52 years old - made his professional acting debut at the age of 8, playing Ptolemy King of Egypt, carried on stage by six hunky dancers in leather thongs in a musical now known as one of the great Broadway flops, “Her First Roman,” starring Richard Kiley and Leslie Uggams. He appeared at Lincoln Center Repertory, Café LaMama, and the Woodstock Summer Playhouse and played the president of KEDS in a commercial, all before the age of 10. Moving to LA, Phillipe had a leading role in MGM’s last studio film “Every Little Crook and Nanny” starring Lynn Redgrave and Victor Mature. He acted in numerous plays in LA including the original West Coast productions of Robert Patrick’s “Blue Is For Boys,” Charles Bush’s “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom,” and the long-running cult hit “Without Reservations.” Phillipe moved into teaching and coaching primarily and took those skills with him to Atlanta and then Austin where he taught Meisner Technique for 10 years to high school students and adults. Since arriving in the Bay, Phillipe has appeared in “The Bacchae” and “Performance Art in Front of an Audience Ought to be Entertaining.” He lives in Oakland with his partner Max where they do Tantric Bodywork and lead groups on “The Changing Face of Relationship.”