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The action begins with a glimpse of the principal characters (Relationships) on the day they learn of the new Yoga Class being offered at The Springs. For various reasons they decide to attend the class. Some meet each other for the first time as they try to do yoga while a line dance class is happening next door (Postures and Positions.) After class everyone gathers in the coffee shop and discusses the challenges of being older in the US, both in terms of changing finances as well as changing roles (Reversal of Fortune.) A medical emergency forces everyone to take a closer look at mortality (My Best Friend.) Deb hopes that their friend’s recent brush with death will help John realize the importance of finding direction and purpose. Matthew wonders why Randolph is reluctant to admit his wealth to their new friends. Randolph wants to be accepted for who he is. Gert chides Alice for putting up with mistreatment from her daughter. Dottie and Willow begin a new friendship over tea and discuss the fact that women do not need to depend on men for satisfaction (Amen, Sister!) The principals have the idea to create instructional sex videos for the senior market and claim the right to their adult sexuality (Snow & Fire.) Many of their children are shocked and upset by the idea (The Tables Turned.) Word of the project spreads through the Springs (The Rumor Mill) and some of the other residents are also outraged. Despite the protestations of the community as well as the manager of The Springs, the principals decide to go ahead with the project (Breakin’ the Rules.)


The principals reflect on the foibles that come with age (Senior Moments) then some of them have second thoughts about the project as obstacles increase. With Matthew’s encouragement and support from unlikely sources they decide to move forward on the project even if it means hocking family heirlooms (Opportunity Knocking.) The various principals begin work on the sections of the video that they will produce: Deb and John consider creativity in sexual positioning while Alice and Gert think about the use of sexual aids (Learn to Adjust / A Girl’s Best Friend.) Willow and Dottie share common concerns about establishing meaningful relationships and then Dottie is inspired to focus her section of the Tapes around some of the challenges of being sexual with older men (Just Let Nature Take Its Course.) Matthew and Randolph finally find the idea for their part of the tapes (A Rap for Aging Queens.) The principals gather to watch the master copy of the tape, which is soon released and, over time, becomes a big success (The Road to Notoriety.) The principals are invited to be on national TV. The night before they are to go, an emergency forces a change of plans. The principals reflect on who they are and have become in their relationships (Visions of Love.) The show ends with all the characters in The Springs Community Center about to watch the TV appearance. There is celebration as well as reality testing as they appreciate their lives (Staying New.)