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The action takes place in and around Shambhala Springs (The Springs) a progressive retirement community. It spans the course of about a year from 2005 to 2006.

(all residents at The Springs)

Deb and John (mid to late 60s): a heterosexual couple who have been together since high school. He used to run a small construction firm for which she was the business manager. Since retirement John has struggled with depression. Deb has struggled to help him out of it.

Matthew (at or around 60) and Randolph (mid to late 60s): a gay couple who have been together for 30 years. Mathew was a high school drama teacher. Randolph is a recently retired investment banker. Randolph also has difficulty with free time, which he sometimes fills with alcohol.

Gert and Alice (late 60s): a lesbian couple who have only been together for about a year. Gert was a lawyer with the ACLU. Alice was in a loveless marriage until she met Gert. Her daughter, Ester, is extremely angry with her for leaving her father and moving in with another woman.

Dottie (late 60s): a widow and subsequently twice divorced. Dottie was a middle school science teacher for many years. She is a social star at The Springs. She is currently dating, but doesn’t want another marriage.

(residents, except for Willow)

Willow (late 20s): the new social director/yoga instructor at The Springs
Mae (early 70s): teaches line dancing at The Springs Community Center
AJ (mid 70s): Mae’s husband
Ida (early 70s): Mae’s best friend

(all residents at The Springs)

Wilma and Fred (late 60s): a couple
Muriel and Ernie (early 70s): a couple